Wednesday, Floyd Cooper

A few of Floyd's books.

I know that a lot of writers are hesitant to attend conference sessions led by illustrators but I was happy that the organizers of the Confluence Conference gave Floyd Cooper a keynote session.

Floyd is an author/illustrator who creates illustrations through the subtractive method.  Initially, he removes pigment from the working surface to reveal the white underneath.  Only after this is done does he layer in color and details.

Floyd joked about how he hates it when the UPS man arrives, because he (Floyd) is never done with his illustrations on time.  How many writers are also like that, finishing a manuscript just to e-mail it to their editor in the nick of time?  I work that way and it isn’t always minor tinkering that I’m doing 24 hours before something is due.  Nope, I’m shifting  material from one section to another and completely rewriting the beginning or the end.

When I hear someone say that it took them 10 years to write their novel, I wonder, “Could you have done it faster if you knew the UPS man would be there to get it at 5:00?”  I have my suspicions!