More on agents

So, still think you’re ready to submit to an agent?   Make sure you contact the right one.  Pop on over to Chuck Sambuchino’s blog, The Guide to Literary Agents Blog, and you’ll find interviews with a number of agents interested in children’s books.

In her talk, Jennifer Mattson gave us all a great summary of what each agent at Andrea Brown wants to see, including agent Mary Kole.  Chuck just happens to have an interview with Mary.

But before you submit to Mary or Jennifer or the Man in the Moon, make sure you know how to write a bang-on query letter.  For some great links on this particular topic, see Jill Corcoran’s blog post, “It’s Raining Queries.”

Agents need good writers.  Put in the work ahead of time so that you are truly ready to publish.  Do the leg work to find the right agent and then put together a winning package.

Don’t you deserve to be the very best?