PAL Membership

I hope everyone is having as much fun as I am poking around on the new SCBWI web site and connecting to friends from all over.

I am surprised though that so few Full Members have updated their membership to PAL.  I know where these writers have sold their work, so I know they qualify to be PAL members.

PAL means Published and Listed and is reserved for those full members with sales to listed publishers.  If you are planning to attend the Missouri Retreat this spring with Randi Rivers, you need to be listed as a PAL member.

Here is how to update your membership:

1.      After you go to, you first have to log in.

2.      On the left is a menu bar topped by the selection “My Home.”  Choose “Manage Profile.”

3.      You should now see a screen that starts with “Personal Information” (your name etc).  Scroll down the page until you get to “Professional Information.”  You will see a bold heading that says, “If you are published in the children’s literature market… ” Below that you will enter the title of your book or magazine piece.

4.      The next bold heading is “Name of publisher(please only select from one drop down).”  Go to the appropriate heading (magazine, name of publisher, etc) and select the name of your publisher from the pull down menu.  If your publisher is not listed, there is a place to enter it.

5.      When you have done this, click on “continue” to update your profile.

If you selected your publisher from a pull down menu, your status will be updated in less than an hour.  If you had to type it in, it will take longer as this is done by hand.

Let me know if you have any questions.