I Did It My Way . . .

When I give out writing advice, I’m telling you what worked for me.  Take my suggestions and customize them to suit your own personality and work style.

pumpkin cake
My son's snaggle-tooth jack-o-lantern cake.

I do this with everything but especially where my family and holidays are concerned.  My son had several friends coming over for Halloween but at the last minute no one could make it before dinner.  We had planned a from-scratch pumpkin cake but I knew the kids would want their candy.  I had already baked the cake, but why fight?  Instead, we planned a laid back Sunday complete with the final decorating and munching on said pumpkin.  More enjoyable all around.

So, you want to do NaNoWriMo.  But November?  You’re joking right?   Your English comp class is gearing up toward their final papers.   You’re the one hosting Thanksgiving for 35 relatives.  Sure — write a novel in November.  I dare you.  Or you could do it in December when you have a week off work.  Or maybe some time in the summer when you aren’ t teaching.  If another time would work better, get a group of like-minded writers together and do it your way.  It may very well be the change you need to succeed.

Your critique partner wrote her novel in 15 minutes a day.  Good for her!   But if it takes you 15 minutes to get the juices flowing and your daughter only naps for 25 minutes at a stretch, get your husband to give you an uninterupted hour every Saturday.  No, it isn’t as much as 15 minutes a day, but if it will work for you then why not go for it?

Have the guts to do it your way and you may find yourself enjoying cake on an off day and making some progress on your various writing goals.