Goals for November

Ok, I may be the only Lady of the Gordian’s Knot who prefers monthly to weekly goals but oh, well.  It gives me more wiggle room if an assignment comes through.  Here are my goals for November.

  1. Fine tune talk for beginners and send handouts to college.
  2. Fine tune talk on rewriting.
  3. Submit Q&A interview
  4. Submit the activities pitch that I’ve been gathering ideas for.
  5. Rework and submit a Christmas essay.
  6. Work on fish picture book.
  7. Research and work on zoo picture book.
  8. Research and work on geology picture book.
  9. Research and work on astronomy picture book.
  10. Rewrite — and I really mean it — the chapter book.

Projects 6 – 10 keep getting pushed aside for other things, but I really want to have them wrapped up by the end of the year.  I’m seriously considering looking for an agent and want to have several strong NEW manuscripts ready to go.

With my husband home recuperating for one more week, work will be hit and miss but the first two things on the list must be done!  I’ll report on my progress next Monday.