Working from Home

There is no doubt about it.  I am blessed in that I get to work from home.

No office attire.  No office politics.  No wondering who ate my lunch, took my liquid paper or ran up the long distance calls on my extension.

But there are also costs to working from home.  Sick kids, snow days and spouses recovering from surgery.  No one else is going to take the day off when you’re already there.

You also have to be prepared to say NO or be everyone’s emergency baby sitter and listening ear when they just want to chatter non-stop. You are simply way too easy to find.

But you will also find some surprises.  With my husband here this week, I was surprised to realize that my productivity has not dropped noticeably, not even Monday when we watched an episode of Smallville after lunch.

How can this be?  I know he’s not sneaking around doing my work.  I am doing a bit less housework although just what will go unnamed in case no one else has noticed.  And I haven’t had to do any interviews for my various articles-in-progress this week.  These interviews are very time-consuming.  I think that part of the reason that my productivity has not dropped is that when I work, I am working harder.  I have things to get done and I also want to spend time with my husband in addition to helping him with the various things he can’t do on his own.

Obviously, next week I might want to pay a bit more attention to how I spend my day.  It may yield some interesting, and productive, results.