No No NaNo

As a writer who blogs, I felt like I was breaking a sacred covenant by keeping silent while the writing world gears up for NaNoWriMo.  Why write about it?  I’m not doing it this year.

I tried it last year so I do know what I’m missing.  That’s not the problem. NaNoWriMo works really well for some people.  I know writers who swear by it.  Not me, I swear at it.

I am an immensely goal oriented person.  If I set a goal, I will do my utmost to meet it.  So if I commit to NaNoWriMo, I’ll work at it really hard.  But I already have a ton of writing to do including taking some projects I already started to final.

Hmm.  Rough out yet another one or take something to final?  For me, the answer seems pretty obvious.

If somewhere deep inside, you know NaNoWriMo is just not the path you need to take, then don’t.  Write what you need to write. Write what will move your craft forward.  It really is that simple.