Goals — Some Weeks the Universe Just Laughs


Yep.  I set ’em all right.

So much for that.

The problem came when I realized that I had misunderstood one of my editors.  Sure I almost had one of two articles finished.  Unfortunately, it wasn’t the one she needed first.  This meant that I switched gears, quit working on the article that was nearly done and swooped down on the other.  The good news is that I’ll turn it in tomorrow.

The bad news is that I got little else done.

Because of this, my list of goals for this week looks remarkably like my list from last week.

  • Finish activity list.
  • Finish the second interview based article.
  • Write the handouts for my first talk.
  • Write my second talk.
  • My husband’s surgery went well and he’s recovering nicely but he will also be home all week but can’t do much for himself.  I also happen to like spending time with him.  But, like I said before, all of the above needs to get done and the deadlines are now that much tighter.

    Oh, joy.

    It really is a good thing that I love what I do!