Down in the Dumps

Share a cup of coffee with your writing pals.
Share a cup of coffee with your writing pals.

The other day I had a good gripe session with one of my writing buddies.  Good in that I built up a really good head of steam.  I groused about how discouraged I’d been about my writing lately — in general but most specifically where my fiction is concerned.

Before I knew it, she was joining in.  “It seems like no matter what I send them, the editors just won’t bite.”

“What are you talking about?  You have books!”  I’m sure I squeaked.  I was that shocked.

She laughed.  “So?  You earn a real income.”

“But . . . but . . . I don’t have books. I can’t sell fiction.”

We had a good laugh and then got back to work.   Then I got an e-mail from another writing buddy, an astonishing novelist.  She was discouraged too.  She was almost done with one project but not sure what to work on next.  As a result, she felt completely crabby and out of sorts.

It seems to be something we writers all go through at one time or another.  I think it may be a symptom of working so many hours in isolation and getting only critical feedback on our work.  Granted, critical is good.  But when you get that and rejection letters, and not much else, you can start to wonder if you really have what it takes.

This is why you need a solid group of writing friends.  Your husband or wife won’t necessarily get it.  Your writing buddies?  They know.

Even if you are a serious introvert, keep a solid group of writing friends around you.  They can help haul you through the bad times and they’ll be there to celebrate the good times too.  Who better to understand just how sweet those good times are?