Goals — A Little Bit All Around

flowersI managed to accomplish something on each of my goals for last week:

  • Come up with the list of activity ideas that the editor asked me to do.  I am just over half way.
  • Write the second interview based article.  I have a solid draft done.
  • Get the interviews going for the third.  Check!
  • Write my first talk.   Rough but check!
  • Outline my second talk.  Check!

Again, fewer individual goals would mean more progress on each but I need to get this stuff done, so:

  • Finish activity list.
  • Finish the second interview based article.
  • Collect interviews for the third.
  • Write the handouts for my first talk.
  • Write my second talk.

I’d like to get just a bit of picture book work done too so I’ll come up with some goals but these are two week goals (ie after I get this stuff done):

  • Zoo research.
  • Astronomy research.
  • Tweak picture book manuscript.

Off to see what I can accomplish!