Research: World War I Posters

I love living in the digital age!

Through the Library of Congress, approximately 1,900 World War I era posters have been made available online.  The posters were largely printed in the US, but there are also German posters on Communism as well as posters from Great Britain, Germany, Italy, Canada and other countries as well.

You can search this collection here.

I did a search on “women,” hoping to turn up posters directed toward women.  Among the search results, I was also surprised to find a number about women directed toward men.  You know, fight to save the women folk.  Who knows what else I would have discovered if I had picked through all 215 of my finds?

Like horses?  Train to be a vet or join the cavalry.

Buy war bonds to support children and soldiers.

“Can vegetables, fruit and the kaiser too.”

What a window into another world and a way of thought!   Special thanks to the Library of Congress for making these resources available to us.