Research: Victorian Magazines and Books

victorianWhen editor Moira Allen lived in England, she made a habit of haunting a variety of used books stores, purchasing tattered copies of various magazines.  Because they were tattered, the magazines often suffered for being read.  How then could Allen enjoy them and share them with others?
Allen’s answer came down to using a scanner to copy various articles and organize them according to topic on a new web site — Mostly Victorian.  Take the time to look around and find out a bit about Victorian London, Fashion, Folklore and more.  You’ll be reading scans of actual articles published during the Victorian Era.
As a knitter who also does some embroidery, I have to admit that I spent some time picking through a column called “Workbasket.”  It even prompted me to find out what on earth an antimacassar is.  Not that I’m tempted to make them — I recognize an elaborate cat toy when I see one.  Cat toy or blanket for every stuffed animal in the house.
My thanks to Writing World for bringing a marvelous resource to my attention and to Allen for going through the trouble to share her finds with all of us.