I feel like I did a bit better on my goals this past week.  They were:

  • Write the first interview based article.  I wrote and submitted this article.
  • Gather interviews for the second and do some of the other research.  The last interview should be done Monday.
  • Write the interview questions and start gathering interviews for the third.
  • Write the book review round up.  I’ll rewrite this and submit it Monday.
  • Make my next craft pitch.  Started but it grew on me (read below).
  • Work on one of my talks.  Outline done.
  • I also rewrote one of the picture books and got some helpful feedback on it.

I had some successes last week, one of which will impact my goals.  Gryphon House accepted 7 of my activities for one of their series.  The pieces will appear in three books that will come out next summer/fall.

I also got editorial feedback on the activity that I submitted about two weeks ago.  The editor asked me to submit a specific number of ideas for additional projects.  This job got much bigger.

My goals for this week are:

  • Come up with the list of activity ideas that the editor asked me to do.
  • Write the second interview based article.
  • Get the interviews going for the third.
  • Write my first talk.
  • Outline my second talk.

Maybe, just maybe, I can accomplish more than that but this is what I’m going to start with.  Fingers crossed!