Artist’s Date

pupLast Saturday I met with the Ladies of the Gordian Knot.  One of the many things we discussed was having an Artist’s Date.  Apparently, this concept comes to us from The Artist’s Way.

The idea is that each week you will give yourself an Artist’s Date to recharge your batteries.  It should last at least an hour and it is something you should do alone.  We discussed various things that we do to recharge including:

  • yoga
  • walking a labyrinth
  • hiking
  • singing in the choir
  • knitting
  • bowling
  • journaling
  • going to the botanical garden

I’m not sure that singing in the choir should really count because I don’t do it alone.  ::shrug::   What can I say?  It recharges me even if it doesn’t fit meet all the criteria.   But so does sitting in my garden at night.  Or knitting while listening to a book on tape.

What do you do for an Artist’s Date?