Dealing with the Downs of the Writing Life

As you may have read here on “One Writer’s Journey,” the release of the first issue of 21st Century Family was postponed.   As accustomed as I’ve gotten to rejection letters, this felt worse.  Maybe it was because I had to let the writers know.


This time around my Rejection Jar simply did not cut it.  Fortunately, I had a new bottle of nail polish in just the perfect color for the occasion.  Instead of following my usual practice and painting easily concealed toe nails, I did my finger nails instead.

Does this mean that I gave up on writing that day?  Nope.  I’d paint three nails and then get back to work, stopping every 20 minutes or so for a little more polish.  I’m not saying I accomplished anything amazing, but I did make progress.

When he got out of school, my son saw my nails.

“Wow.  What went wrong?” he asked.

When I told him, he patted me on the back.  “I’ll get my homework done and we’ll play a computer game.”  What can I say, he knows me.  And he knows that Lego Indiana Jones can pretty well make my day.  Who doesn’t like smiting the bad guys?

So for days when your usual rejection plan doesn’t cut it, have a back up in mind.  I’d recommend a few bottles of appropriate nail polish and a computer game or two.