Science and Science Fiction

moonI’ve had the great fortune to be chatting with Doug Richards.  Doug  has a masters in molecular biology.

What does that have to do with writing?  Specifically with writing for kids? In addition to writing for National Geographic KIDS magazine, Doug writes science fiction.  He loved reading it when he was a kid and he wants to give young readers today great books that open up the world of science.

Doug must be doing something right because his books, THE PROMETHEUS PROJECT – TRAPPED and THE PROMETHEUS PROJECT – CAPTURED, have both been listed on Missouri State University’s list of Best New Books to Engage Students in Math and Science.  Check out the full 9 page list here .

For my part, I’m always impressed by authors who can combine fiction with a strong nonfiction element, who can teach without seeming to preach for their cause.  Check out some of the books on this list to see how these authors do it. Me?  I’m starting with a series called The Prometheus Project.

Still not convinced?  Considering that you are reading this, you might be interested in Doug’s article, “Once a Knight is Not Enough,” about the importance of the Web for science and education.  It is on the website of The Naked Scientists (a science radio program through England’s BBC.  You can also check out an interview Doug did for “This Week in Science.”  His bit starts at minute 31 on the podcast.

Read and listen and then think.  How can you pull your passions for the world around you into your fiction?