Monday: Meeting Goals when Life Intrudes

I think the title above will tell you what you need to know how I met my goals for the week.  The universe is having a real belly laugh at my expense.  “Goals!  She dares to make goals?”

Here are the goals I set for the week and how I did with each:

  • Find a few resources for my historical research after meeting the other goals or frying my brain in an attempt to meet them.
  • I did this while I was home with sick kid.
  • Work on the quick rewrite of the other picture book which require a very small amount of research.
  • Again, I got the research done but only got about half way through the redraft.   Finishing may require dummying the book.
  • Rewrite the chapter book.
  • Ha ha.  Didn’t even come close to this one.
  • Cut 200 words from the article and fine tune it.
  • I did it!   I like my new hook, but my conclusion still feels weak.

Instead of meeting my goals, I had a sick kid home from school for two days, he shared the virus with me so I was down for a day and spent half a day at the vet with a sick cat.  Translation:  I had only one full work day.  The good news is that I got responses on some queries and have four writing articles to work on.

The goals I would like to set for this week are:

  • Find a few periodical resources for my historical research to add to the books I already found.
  • Finish the rewrite of the second picture book.
  • Rewrite the chapter book.
  • Rewrite the conclusion on the magazine article and get it out.

The goals I have to meet for this week are:

  • Do the interview for a Q&A article.
  • Write interview questions for another article and start soliciting interviews.
  • Write the questions for a second interview based article and start soliciting interviews.
  • Do the same for a third interview based article.
  • Work on next book review round-up.

Hopefully I’ll have some time for the first set of goals too!  Again, I’m good at meeting deadlines for my editors but not so good at the others.  Will have to put a bit more effort into it this week.

Happy Writing!


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