What Kind of Person Makes a Good Writer?

Last week, a visitor came to critique group.*  After telling us about working at the circus and his novel in progress, he shrugged.  “I know a little about a lot of things.” 

I had to laugh.  The perfect description of a writer!

What traits then does a good writer have?

“Whatever may be our natural talents, the art of writing is not acquired all at once.”  — Rousseau

A writer is persistent, learning the craft over time.

“Knowledge is the foundation and source of good writing.” — Horace

A writer is curious, seeking out facts of all kind.

“If you wish to write well, study the life about you — life in the public streets.” –Horce Mann

A writer is observant, taking in details that others often miss.

“A man who writes well writes not as others write, but as he himself writes.” — Montesquieu

A writer has the confidence to develop a unique, recognizable voice.


*The Florissant SCBWI critique group meets the second Thursday of each month at 7pm at Florissant Presbyterian Church.