Meeting My Goals, kinda, sorta, maybe

So how am I doing meeting my four remaining goals?  

I worked on goal #2 Friday.  “Rewrite a picture book, working through Ann Whitford Paul’s Writing Picture Books.”  I made it to chapter 5, “Retelling Your Story, Part 3.”  One of her suggestions is to consider if moving your story to another time or place would be an improvement.  Making my story historic fiction would add a layer and likely enable it to be used in classrooms to discuss ecology and our changing attitudes toward our natural resources.  But historic fiction means a ton of research (tone: whining).  Says my husband, “You love research.  You’re just fussing cause you can’t check it off your list.  Go request some library books.” 

For Goal #4, “Do a rewrite on the chapter book that I have all but done,” I found the critique a friend did for me.  I have to reread her comments and read the manuscript again with them in mind.  It is only about 50 manuscript pages long and any changes will be “fine tuning,” so it isn’t a huge job.

On Thursday, I rewrote the magazine article (goal #5) removing one “sub-plot.”   Since this freed up some  word count, I elaborated on the formerly “slim” parts. Apparently I went a bit overboard because now I have 250 words more than I had before — 200 over my limit. 

This week I will:

  • Find a few resources for my historical research after meeting the other goals or frying my brain in an attempt to meet them.
  • Work on the quick rewrite of the other picture book which require a very small amount of research.
  • Rewrite the chapter book.
  • Cut 200 words from the article and fine tune it.

Wish me luck!