Do Writers Read Differently?

reading2Do writers read differently than non-writers?  I’ve been wondering about this since I started listening to the audio version of a young adult novel that a librarian I know just ranted about. 

While it doesn’t stink by a long shot, there are parts that are just way too predictable.  The main character must fight in a gladiator-style event and has not been told who his opponent will be.  As I was folding laundry and listening to him wonder aloud, my husband wondered through the room and raised his eyebrows. “It will be his girlfriend,” I said. 

How’d I know?  A fight to the death.  Not sure he can do it but desperately wants to live.  Have to make things as bad as possible for your character?  It could have been one of his two male friends but the author pointed out that he has a chivalrous streak.  That meant it pretty much had to be his hyper-athletic mysterious girlfriend.

Am I the only writer who has this problem as a reader?