Get Writing

goalsWriters use a variety of methods to get the words to flow.

Some sit down and write at exactly the same time every day.  I try to do this but I also assume that those who are terribly exact don’t have cats.  The kind with hairballs.  On your bed. Get the picture?

Some set goals in that they won’t let themselves get up until they have written x number of words or pages.

Others work from theme lists, using them to spark ideas on specific topics, which they will then complete with a market at the ready.

Others use deadlines.  This is where I fit in . . . I am a very deadline oriented writer.  Goal oriented.  This also means that if I don’ t have a deadline, I tend to piddle around and not get things done.  But as I wrote about on Monday, the members of my critique group decided that we would each set goals.  How well will being accountable to my critique group work? 

Tune in Monday and find out!