What Are You Reading?

Reading in the Edwards' house
Reading in the Edwards' house

What are you reading?  If you don’t have a book going at the moment, what do you plan to read next? 

If you want to write, you need to read. 

If you do write, you need to read.

If you are writing, you need to read at some other point during the day.

I said that three different ways in an attempt to catch those of you who think, for whatever reason, that you don’t need to read.  I am always amazed at the number of writers I encounter who don’t read or who don’t read anything new.  NEW.  That means anything published in the last two years. You should read and read what is being published now for a variety of reasons:

  • Read what your audience likes so that you’ll have some clue what to write about.  This means look for books that win readers choice awards.  These books have gotten past the adult audience (editor and publisher) and also the child audience.
  • Read what is being published today so that you’ll know what editors are looking for but have already bought.  Publishers who print picture books want picture books, but a publisher who has printed a picture book about flying squirrels isn’t likely to want another.   
  • Read to fuel your own fire.  I read all kinds of things that I don’t write — especially thrillers and mysteries.   I love to see how these authors create a tense backdrop for their story and then try these things out to create the emotions that I want in my own work.

So, what are you reading?