Setting Details

Imagine seeing this way at the back of the yard.
Imagine seeing this way at the back of the yard.

The other day my husband found me staring out the dining room window.  “What’s wrong?” he asked. 

“Nothing.  I’m looking at that flower behind the irises.  I didn’t plant anything over there.” 

We went outside to take a closer look at the interesting orange red flower.  When we got right up to it, we started laughing. 

It wasn’t a flower.  It was the bottom of a tomato pressed onto a stick, stuck in the ground (see below).

“Don’t forget the rock in the center,” said my son when I described it to him.  I’d already figured out who created this particular bit of artwork but it made me think of the neat and tidy Good Housekeeping worlds many of us create as settings.  Those are great for magazine covers, but how about a setting with a few off-beat details that tell us something about one of your characters?   Something that only they would keep or want?

I just need to figure out what a tomato flower reveals about this particular character. 


Artist with his creation.