Finding Time for Blog Reading

readYesterday, I wrote about blogging and how to cut down the amount of time it takes.  Today, I’m going to write about how to cut the time consuming process of reading all the interesting blogs out there.

I’ve heard a lot of writers comment on the fact that they can spend the entire morning reading blogs.  I don’t know how many they read, but I can scan approximately 100 blog posts in 20 minutes which includes reading the ones that interest me, leaving comments and e-mailing myself anything I want to save or read more closely. 

How do I do this?  I subscribe to Bloglines.  This reader allows me to subscribe to any blog I am interested in as long as there is an RSS feed.  Bloglines keeps track of any new posts made on these blogs; in my case, there are 183.  I can mark an individual post as new or e-mail myself a copy of the post.  I can also sort the blogs into categories — Editors, Authors, Writing, Family, Crafts etc and read a category or two a day, whatever I have time for, because it will be easy to come back to the unopened categories on another day.  This is especially important in the summer when 20 minutes is the most time I can hope for when it comes to blog reading.

What methods do you use to manage your time were blogs are concerned?