Finding Time for Blog Writing

timeFor a week or more, a discussion thrived on the SCBWI boards regarding how realistic it is to expect authors to have time to blog.  After all, reading and writing blogs can be incredibly time consuming.  That said, it is also a great way to stay in touch with what is going on as well as to keep others up on what you are doing.  You just have to learn how to manage your time.  

Today, I’ll discuss writing a blog.  Tomorrow, reading blogs.

When I started this blog, I discovered I could spend an hour or more per post.  That’s an hour or more on 300 words or less.  That wasn’t going to work since I wasn’t being paid to blog. 

Then I started writing all 5 weekly posts in one sitting.  I found that I can write, polish and illustrate 5 blog posts in approximately two hours.  During the week, I save anything that sparks my interest and would make a good post.  Then on Saturday or Monday, I rough all five posts for the upcoming week, then rewrite, and finally illustrate.  Sunday through Thursday evenings, I submit my posts for the following days.  If something comes up that is time sensitive, I quickly write that post and slip it into the queue and have a head start on the next week.

If you want to keep a blog, you can find a time efficient way to do it . . .
if you want to do so. 

Tomorrow, I’ll tell you the best way I’ve found to keep my reading time short.