Photographing Babies

Sorry this is late!   I’m having the kind of morning where breakfast is half a brownie with my coffee at 10 am. 

Back when I wrote for Young Equestrian Magazine (sadly, no longer in print), I took some of my own photos.  In doing so, I discovered the many bizarre faces a horse can make.  I also wished someone would give me some photo tips.

If you take photographs for your articles and you photograph children, take a look at “How to Take Better Baby Photos” in the New York Times.  The advice itself comes from Carrie Sandoval and if you take a look at her site you’ll see why she was the one to ask. 

The article gives advice on lighting/flash, exposure, clothing choices, time of day, black-and-white vs color, and more.  Franky, if you try just a wee tiny bit you can apply the advice to other photo situations.

Take a look and be inspired.