Accidental Research

Are you the kind of person who scoops things up willy nilly and throws them away without looking to see what is in the box, basket or bag? 

This weekend I was given my grandmother’s sewing box and a fruit box with my name on it.  “Full of recipes,” said my father.  Boy was it!   I haven’t looked through it all yet but I now have a 1942 Betty Crocker cookbook as well as a big batch cook book from 1941 (see below).   Cool, cool, cool!  They even have G-ma’s notes in them!


In the sewing box I found what seems to be a wooden sewing needle holder, a wooden crochet hook, some kind of sewing awl and a big paper book of needles (see below).  I am having so much fun hunting things down on-line and, you can bet, some of these items will find their way into my stories.


If your a history buff, don’t let that box getting away without giving it a quick once over!  Who knows what you’ll find.