Idea Generation

ideasI have never had to many good ideas day after day as when I worked in the garden.”

–John Erskine 

Work in the garden, go to the museum, have a super soaker battle in the back yard.  Whatever it takes, get away from the computer. 

Why?  To recharge those creative batteries. 

I noticed it first in my son.  For some infraction or another he was grounded off the computer for a week.  The first several days were miserable as he begged and whined, trying to get his electronic fix.  Then he started to play and after another day or so I saw a change.  He was not only building with Legos (pretty typical) but also making crafts and making up games.   His creativity had been notched up by flipping the “off” switch on the computer.

When you’re stuck on a writing job, do you ever try getting away from the computer? 

Sometimes you just need to get away from the glowing gargoyle and do something else to recharge your creative batteries.  Live, move, laugh.  Then try to write.

Other times, you just need to break with your routine.  Grab a legal pad and sit on your balcony.   A friend of mine writes in a coffee house which I simply find too distracting.   Try writing on paper some place that you don’t normally write.  I’ve reworked several articles that way and it is one of my favorite ways to brainstorm. 

Get up and get away and see if you can rediscover your creativity.


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