help“If you can’t feed a hundred people, then just feed one.
–Mother Theresa

I’ve asked numerous children’s writers why they avoid the CBI Boards, Verla’s Boards and those hosted by SCBWI.  Many of them mention time as a factor, but many other writers mention not wanting to deal with the questions newbies always ask.  Is this a good query letter?  Should I tell the editor that another author suggested I send her this?  How do I know when I’ve done enough research?

It is amazing just how often the very same questions crop up.  Children’s writers are some of the most generous people I know, giving of their time and expertise to help other writers grow.  Still, the task can seem daunting when there are always more new writers and they are always asking the exact same questions.  How can you help them all?

Not surprisingly, Mother Theresa had a clue.  Most of us aren’t in a position to help everyone, but I’d like to challenge the professional writers I know.  Volunteer to mentor.  Help someone improve their craft, approach publishers as a professional, and/or gain in confidence.   

You might not be able to help them all, but I bet you have what it takes to help at least one.


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