What I’ve Learned as an Editor

When I was offered the position of 21st Century Family managing editor, I studied other parenting and family magazines.  What columns should I include?  What did the others not offer?   How could I attract and hold a readership?

When I finally came up with a list of topics, there were some I thought would fill quickly.  Safety.  A profile on a great kid and one on an amazing parent.  Money saving tips. 

So far I’ve only filled two of these and I  thought they’d be pretty easy.

The one I thought would be really hard to fill was LOL, the humor column.  Maybe I made this assumption because I find humor hard to write.  Regardless, in the first week of submissions, I received more than enough humor for several issues.  I had to start turning pieces down.

But I also learned what a thrill it is to have an author pitch I piece that I never would have thought of on my own.  And I love making suggestions on how to improve a piece and receiving an amazing rewrite.

Thanks to everyone who has already submitted.  I now have a better idea how hard it is to submit without a sample copy to study.  It takes guts and talent and I’ve already seen a great deal of both.


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