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April 22, 2009

Establishing a Writing Routine

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morningI am not  a morning person.  I can hear all the snickering out there from those of you who know me.  Really know me.

Because I’m not a morning person, I had been using my mornings to do e-mail, read blogs, etc.   Then I’d have lunch and get into my writing.  Maybe.  Unless someone called.  Or I got more e-mail.  Ahem.

But the last three weeks I’ve been doing my writing first.  I do check my e-mail but only to make sure there are no emergencies.  And I quickly check the job blogs to see if there is something that interests me.  Then I get to work for about 90 minutes before lunch.

First, I write a poem using one of Robert’s prompts or a cut a piece of kirigami.  Then I get to work on a review, a craft activity or an article.   There have been a few days where I had to make myself stop for lunch but then I rushed back to my writing.  

No pattern works forever.   Come summer when I’m no longer home alone, things will have to change.   But until then I’ve found a system that works for me.  Have you found one that works for you? 


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