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April 7, 2009

LOC . . . That’s Library of Congress

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locNeed a historic image for your article or book?   Then check out the Library of Congress on-line search on Prints and Photographs.  Something like one million images are available digitally and you can find copyright information on the site.  This copyright info is vital because not all of these images are public domain.

The images include both photographs and historic drawings and go beyond U.S. history.  The architecture sample includes a photograph of Jerusalem. 

In an effort to make the public more aware of who they are and what they have, the Library of Congress will also be placing information on YouTube and Flicker.  Check out the School Library Journal article on this effort.

Warning:  Set aside a block of time to check out the Library of Congress site.  There is so much fascinating information that you may find yourself browsing for longer than you had planned.


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