Character Facets

Sorry for how late I am getting the Monday post up.  This weekend we went fishing.  We met a trapper who had been brought in to deal with the new residents — beavers — who may be cute but are putting the farmers downstream of the lake in danger. 

Me being me, I was interested in this guy, never having met a trapper before.  How many of us have in this day and age?  Anyhow, I struck up a conversation and could tell by his accent that he was not a city boy.  That matched, him trapping beaver and all. 

When I asked him where they “came down from” (lake talk for “where do you live?”) he named a rather posh part of the city.  Posh by my standards.   Much posher than where we live.  Originally, he came from a smaller city still in Missouri, had met his wife while going to college, and had a masters from a big name university.  Now he works for a major scientific company in the city.

And he traps.

Are your characters this interesting? 

Why not?


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