Pick the Right Event

thinkI hope you’ve enjoyed reading just a little bit about what I learned at the retreat.  I learned much, much more.  In fact, Cheryl Klein gave us so much information that it will take me weeks to absorb it all.   If I had been a new writer, a retreat of this kind would have been too much.  That is why I’d like to encourage you to look at the type of event before you sign up. 

  • Conferences tend to be large and offer a variety of sessions that may or may not be focused around a particular topic.   Probably the best choice for new writers but they can also be good for intermediate writers.
  • Workshops give you the chance for “hands on” learning.  You’ll probably be doing writing exercises.   Good for intermediate writers looking to hone skills.
  • Retreats, whether large or small, offer a chance for several days of intense work.  They usually include one-on-one time with the editor, evaluations meant to help you improve your work.  Expect to be told what you’re doing wrong although a good critiquer includes what you’re doing right so that you have something to build on.  Best for the advanced writer.  
  • Agent or Editor Days are generally designed to expose you to several agents or editors in one day.  Best for intermediate to advanced writers who have several highly polished manuscripts to market.

Pick the event that best fits where you are.  It will make for a better experience.