Attending Events

purse1As much as I love going to writing conferences and the like, keeping track of my stuff makes me nuts. 




√Folder or other handouts and give-aways

√Water bottle

√Granola bar


√Cough drops/hard candy

Add to this the lunch I have to carry to wherever I’m going to sit and eat and I just want to plop down on the floor. 

Instead, I’ve knitted myself an event purse.  Larger than anything I would carry normally, it eliminates having to carry a purse and a back pack or briefcase.   You can see how huge it is  — holding notebooks, chocolate and someone’s stuffed animals.

And I got the lining in just in time.  Today I’m off to the Missouri SCBWI Writer’s Retreat with Cheryl Klein.  Hurray!!  

See you Monday with news from the retreat.