Naming Characters: Kiki vs Victoria

Someone on a list I belong to just mentioned how much she likes the name Kiki for a character.  That got me to thinking — what would a Kiki be like?

Fiesty, fast and furious.  This is a girl who can hold her own.

Victoria, on the other hand, is ruffles and lace.  Sweet and sugary she is the girly girl my mother should have had.

But reality can confound you.  The Victoria I know may wear jeans with rhinestones, glitter and embroidery but look out, boys!   I’ve seen her bury head in her brother’s stomach and lay into him when he makes fun of her.  Sure, she has to put herself back together when she’s done, but she doesn’t let that stop her. 

This makes me wonder — Should we play around a bit more when we give character’s names?  What would happen if we gave a tomboy a girly name?  What about giving the ruffle and lace gal a harsh sounding name?  What could this mean for your story?