Stretching Your Creative Muscle

scheduleThe last two weeks in February were not particularly productive in terms of actual writing.  I landed two new long term freelance jobs, but actual writing?  Not too much.

Part of it is that I’m freaked out about one of the jobs.  I can do it.  I know I can do it, but it is a new area for me (I’ll tell everyone more about it as I get things nailed down).  As my husband points out, “We fear change.”  We means me and he’s right.  I do not handle real change very well.

But I’ve also found that if I don’t try something new every now and again I get bored.  I get sloppy.  My work suffers.  Last year I started writing essays.  The year before that I studied poetry.  Neither brought me to a near hault but neither of them freaked me out either.   I guess they weren’t very big changes after all. 

But I have to get writing again.  For two weeks I’ve put post-it notes for each job on the calendar.  Flexible.  I can move them around which means I can move them to next week.   Probably a bit too flexible.

Back to my ol’ dry erase board.  I’m going to try a two-week schedule.  Get something done.  Scratch it off.

I’ve got deadlines coming up.  I need to move.