Meeting Goals — March Review

check1I’m going to try reviewing my annual goals early each month.  That way I won’t have any excuses come November.  I have five goals:

1. To have four book projects circulating (either manuscripts or proposals).  This is where I need to focus my efforts.  I’ve been working on a new chapter book and will submit it this month for a SCBWI grant. 

2. To seriously attempt 4 new markets.  Wow! Women on Writing published my article on picture book writing in their February issue and I’ve landed two new freelance jobs (which I’ll tell you about when I can post specifics) which represent new markets.  I think I can leave this one alone for a month or so.

3. To have 20 things out at all times, because things only seem to sell when they’re out.   Still just 18 things out.  I need to get going but then working on #1 will help solve this too.

4.  Clean up my office.   Two piles of papers have become one.  The curtains are hung.  Hurray!   But now I’m to the point that I need help from other people to make progress.  Fortunately, everyone is pitching in. 

5.  Study and Learn.  This one is new but I have several writing how-to books to work through as well as new computer programs to learn.  This past week I’ve been doing Adobe Illustrator video tutorials so that is coming along well.   Once I’m done with this, I may work on Photoshop.

So not too bad, but I better get serious about getting a book project out.  Really.  I mean it. 

How are you doing on your goals for 2009?