Imagine. . .

Recently, I was watching footage of creativity expert, Ken Robinson.

He pointed out that we never think of what the masters were like as children.  What would it have been like to have young William Shaksespeare in English class?

That started me to wondering . . .

James Joyce in English class.

Dear Mr. Joyce,
James certainly enjoys free writing although he seems to take the word “free” too literally.   In addition to a refusal to use punctuation, getting him to move on to other tasks is all but impossible.  Does he have trouble transitioning at home?


 Dr. Seuss in English class


 Dear Mr. Geisel,

 While I enjoy teaching Theodore very much, his tendency to make up words to suit his fancy reduces the quality of his work significantly.  My I suggest that you invest in a good reference set?  He will never go anywhere with his writing until he breaks this habit.


Next time you can’t get the creative juices flowing, why not write a story or scene imagining one of your favorite writers in grade school?


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