Powerful Choices for the Home Office

powerfulAlthough we’ve always been fairly green, my husband has been looking for ways to green up our home and especially our home office. 

He’s decided that the best way to save energy, and thus money, is for all consumers of electricity to shut down when you leave the room.  He’s looking into motion detectors for the lights.  He’s even found a fancy power strip that not only has a surge protector but also shuts down everything put the CPU when there is no motion in the room. 

Unfortunately, the fancy schmancy power strip comes with a fancy schmancy price tag.  You can probably find a cheaper one but he works at Graybar Electric and has certain standards.  “So I’m looking into building you one,” he said. 

“That sounds pretty eleborate.  Way fancier than a treadmill desk like I wrote about in my blog,” I said.  “And you didn’t have time to figure that out.  How come?”   (Remember:  Never ask a question if you might not like the answer.)

Because,” he said, “you’ve never hurt yourself with a power strip.  Not even once. ”

::insert eye-roll here::  


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