Taking Classes

deskThe other day I got a catalog in the mail — The Great Courses by the Teaching Company. I drooled over the listings in music and history.  Then I found the course Science and Religion. It might help with my WIP and it is on sale.  Think of the money I could save, assuming, of course, I had the money to spend. 

What if I could it get even cheaper?

I went on the site for the St. Louis Country Public library.  A quick search with “Teaching Company” as the author turned up no less than 142 hits.  Here are just a few of the titles I found:

Science and Religion
The Theory of Evolution a history of controversy
A series on Great World Religions
History of the English Language and more.

I’m waiting for Science and Religion to come in and have plans to request several other titles. 

Why not check out your own library?  You may be surprised at some of the learning opportunities you can find for free.


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