Congratulations to Kristin Wolden Nitz

Special congratulations to one of my writing buddies — Kristin Wolden Nitz.  Kris’s novel, Saving the Griffin (Peachtree), has been nominated for the 2009 – 2010 Georgia Children’s Book Award.  This means that during the next school year children throughout Georgia will be reading and voting on books for this award, including Griffin.  For a complete list of the awards, visit the web site and click on the listings (picture books and novels are on separate lists) in the right hand column. 

If you don’t know Kris’s work, I’d strongly encourage you to check out her novels at Peachtree.  Kris is an excellent middle grade author.  Fast-paced and funny, her novels hook newly independent readers. 

Find out more about Kris and her work at her web site.

But in the meanwhile, I have to say it again.  Congratulations, Kris!!   You can read a brief review of Saving the Griffin on my review blog.


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