How to Invoice a Client

invoiceUsually, when I do a freelance job, I sign a contract.  When the job is done, they pay me.  End of story.  But that’s when I work for an editor or publisher.

When I do research for an individual, I write them a letter at the end of the project, detailing the time spent and hourly cost.   Then they write me a check. 

The person I just did a map for requested an actual invoice.  It only took me a few minutes to type up, but I thought the format might be helpful for those of you who have never had to use an actual Invoice.

Remember — you are putting this on your letterhead so all of your information is already included.

  • Client’s Name
    Client’s Business
    Client’s Department
    Client’s Address
    Describe job
  • Invoice No. XX
  • Date of Invoice: XX

That’s it.