In Honor of President’s Day, Take Charge of Your Writing

whitehouseAll of my favorite Presidents share a common trait — a “what can you do” kind of attitude. In honor of that attitude and our current President, who seems to expect great things of the American people, we are going to discuss how that applies to our writing careers.

Often when writers get together, you hear talk of the latest conference or workshop that someone just attended. “You simply have to go next year! I met so many editors.”

Meeting editors is good. They have a lot of important things to say. They’re nice people. There is usually good food when they’re around.

How many of my editors have I met? Three. How many did I meet before they bought my work? One. How many editors have I worked with? I can think of sixteen . . . no, make that seventeen.

I’m not saying that meeting editors is unimportant, but there is something much more important to your writing career. What is the single most important thing to improve your work? To help you finish that manuscript?

You need to write.

No magic handshake. No secret password. Just write.

So in honor of all those great leaders who have believed in your ability to improve what is important to you, why not turn out a page or two of prose?


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