Idea Generation

Florissant Presbyterian Church
Florissant Presbyterian Church

Where do you come up with your ideas? 

Truthfully, coming up with ideas is easy for me.  All I have to do is pay attention to whatever, wherever I am.

One of the best places for me to come up with new ideas is church.  Maybe it happens because I get to sit still and the phone isn’t ringing and I’m not running around at the mercy of my to-do list.   Maybe it happens just because church is an interesting place. 

I even keep a wee little notebook in my purse.  It was a Christmas gift from one of the ladies in my critique group.  When I come up with an idea, I pull out my notebook and jot it down.

What sparks these ideas?  Sometimes it is the children’s sermon, sometimes the big people’s sermon.  Other days it is the Minute for Mission or the music.  Anything can tip me off to a new idea.

Where are some of the places that feed your mind?