Potential Markets

magazines1Do you seek out potential markets at every opportunity that comes your way?

Are you sure? 

Today a junk mail envelope swooped into my mail box.  It was from one of those advertisers that sell various companies the opportunity to include a postcard in a set number of mailings.  I knit and crochet in addition to my new found love of kirigami.  These post cards focused on crafters. 

What does this have to do with potential writing markets?  Several of the postcards advertised magazines including several I had never heard of.  I almost wrote “I’m not in a position yet to write for a craft magazine,” but am I sure that’s right?   I’m not skilled enough to make up patterns, but what other types of articles do they use? 

It looks like I need to dig those postcards out of the recycling and go through them one more time.