Meeting Goals

Since we’re a month into 2009, I decided to review my goals for the year.  If I don’t, I’ll forget what they were and just keep toddling merrily along in some other direction. 

I posted three goals:

1. To have four book projects circulating (either manuscripts or proposals).  I don’t have any new book projects out.  Tsk tsk.

2. To seriously attempt 4 new markets.  I got the go-ahead on a query I pitched to Women on Writing and sent the article in yesterday.  So that’s one out of four.  Hurray!

3. To have 20 things out at all times, because things only seem to sell when they’re out. Strange, huh?  I started the month with 21 pieces out but made some sales and got some rejections.  That took me down to 15.  Three new pieces out and I’m back up to 18.  Maybe I’ll hit 20 again this month.  

I meant to add a fourth so I’ll include it here.

4.  Clean up my office.  One pile of papers is gone from my desk.  One is greatly reduced.  Two piles of books are gone from beneath the desk and the huge stack of paper waiting to be shredded is gone.  This one will probably take me another month or two.  

So not too bad, but I better get serious about getting a book project out.  I’ve got a scad of things “almost ready” so it really is ridiculous not to get them done.

How are you doing on your goals for 2009?