The Cuffies

Thanks to Lisa Greenwald for blogging about “The Cuffies” on the Longstockings Blog

The Cuffies are PW’s “off the cuff” book awards for which they ask booksellers a varity of questions.  Here is the full  article

The categories that focused on Newbery and Caldecott potential or favorite this or that didn’t interest me nearly as much as the offbeat topics like Most Unusual Picture Book (The Black Book of Colors), Book with the Best Plot Twist (The Hunger Games), and Book You Couldn’t Shut Up About (Savvy).   I’ll be checking out some of the books I haven’t read yet. 

The part about the funniest line spoken in your bookstore cracked me up because it was too like  a conversation my son and I had in Main Street Books, back when the store was still in the old school house.  He had latched onto a copy of No, David by David Shannon.  He had, and still has, a habit of latching onto something he just has to buy!   (We lovingly call this the Grabby Gimme Pigs.)  I thought that’s what was going on with this particular book, a hard cover copy.  Sixteen dollars for a brief fling?  I didn’t think so, but I wanted to see how he would justify it.   “Why do you want that book so badly?” I asked.

“Because, it is beautiful.  I love it.”

Yes, I caved.  And he did love it judging by the other David books we’ve added to his shelves. 

I hope the Mom whose little girl thought Fancy Nancy was beautiful listened.  Sometimes kids see something we don’t.