Happy Birthday to Me

Friday, I got the most wonderful birthday present. 

I have a Google Alert set to search for my name.  It popped me a notice that Kristi Holl had mentioned one of my articles in her blog, Writers First Aid.  The post, Danger: Rush Jobcake, discussed her problems in outlining her new book.  She commented that my article, “Fight the Good Fight Against Writer’s Block”  (The Children’s Writer Guide to 2009) reminded her that taking the time to work out the details now can save you a lot of time when it comes to revisions. 

Have you ever heard someone quote you and suddenly you get it.  BOING!  If only you’d listened to yourself when you said it instead of waiting for someone to repeat it back to you.

At least now I understand some of my problems rewriting my work-in-progress.  I’ll stop and work out the rules of my fantasy universe.  Then I’ll go back to rewrite chapter 2.  Somehow I think it will go a little more smoothly when I know how the world in question works.   

Thanks, Kristi!