Calming Your Mind to Write

Attempts #3 and #4.
Attempts #3 and #4.


Attempts #1 and #2

What do you do when you can’t transition from one job for the day to another?  When your mind is bouncing around, focusing on nothing?  Do you check your e-mail?  Read a few blogs?  Or maybe you check the stats on your own blog?  They could have changed significantly in the last 15 minutes. 

All of these things take up time but they don’t help you focus.  Your mind will still be vibrating, possibly even worse, when you’re done. 

I bought a Kirigami daily calendar.  Kirigami is the Japanese art of paper cutting.  I’ve been mildly interested in it for years but never really played with it.  Each calendar page is a pattern complete with fold lines and cutting lines. 

This week, when I couldn’t get going with my chapter book, I pulled out the page for January 1.  First I had to figure out how to do a snowflake fold.  Next I pulled out my desk scissors and snip, snip, snip.  Soon I held a flower-shape.  I don’t know that this will work when I get to the complicated patterns but with the simple ones my mind is only engaged while I fold the paper.  When I’m cutting, my hands stay busy while my mind wanders around and relaxes.  Maybe its working on my story problem.   Whatever its doing, its not being overstimulated. All I know is that one Kirigami shape later, I’m back to my writing.   

How do you find your center when your mind is going every which way?  What gets you back on a focused writing path?